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How To Make The First Move On A Girl – 5 Steps for Making a Move on Women

The good news is there are special attraction switches that will allow women to be attracted to you.

In this post, you’ll discover how to use attraction to make a move on a girl.

The secret here is to amplify the sexual chemistry in a way that she’ll practically jump on you – The moment you make an advance on this girl.

Now…here are five additional steps to make that move:

Use Teasing to Create Attraction While you are wondering how to make the first move on a girl you need to make sure that you know how to playfully tease her.

This means that you should poke fun at her in a sweet way. Maybe you should make up some cute little nicknames for her. Do things that are going to make her hit you in the arm or push you playfully. This is going to allow for contact that she has been the instigator of.

Ramp up the Sexual Tension Teasing is just one part of sexual tension. At this point you’re not going to say anything sexual or make a sexual move on her. Instead you should adopt a bantering attitude that both pushes her away and pulls her in.

Maybe you would be sweet and then you would tell her well I guess you’re just not the girl for me. Give her a look and then hug her closely and look into her eyes so she will try to read your eyes. This will drive her wild and get her ready to except your move.

Regulate Physical Contact If you are sitting far away from her you should try to close the gap and get close to her. What I suggest is to your conversation topics as an excuse for touching her.

Whenever you think of something you could touch her arm to alert her of the new thought etc. Hug her when she says something funny. Playfully push her away when she’s being bratty. And give high fives when you approve of something she’s saying.

Kiss Her to Seal the Deal In a way making a move is like a subtle dance. You’re moving two steps forward and one step back the whole time. In fact, throughout the conversation, you’re not giving her an obvious indicator of your own level of attraction.

Eventually you want to isolate this girl and start to slow down the conversation. Bring down the teasing a bit and start rapport. This will create a lot of instant intimacy. Then when the moment is right, you’ll go for the kiss.

You can learn what women want by watching their actions. The secret is drive them crazy with desire by giving them what they want. Take action today! login
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