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Sex On The Second Date – How To Get ANY Girl to Sleep with You

Do you wonder how to get sex on the second date?

There are many men that try to get it on the first night and bomb out but you probably think that sex on the second date is pretty safe if you know how to get it.

This is true; you really can get sex on date number two. If you learn how to create sexual attraction and interest from a girl you will be able to get her to do many different things.

The FIRST thing you need is sexual tension. This is a feeling of chemistry and excitement girl’s feel with guys they’re sexually attracted to.

Now…you’ll learn a number of additional ways to get any girl into the sack:

Focus on Sexual Tension Sexual tension is very important when you’re trying to seduce a woman. Many people are not sure how to do this though.

It all comes down to push and pulling. You need to playfully tease her and make her confused about whether you want her or not. Maybe you could do this by joking that she is not the one for you and then giving her a big hug.

This will have her totally confused but hopeful and will be a great way to increase the sexual tension.

Connect With Her Passion When you are serious about getting her in bed you need to get her to talk about her passion. It does not have to be something sexual. You never know what her passion might be until you listen.

It is usually pretty easy to figure out what she is passionate about. Just watch her perk up and see the light in her eyes when she starts to speak about something. You may not think this is a big deal but when you do this she is going to connect you with the thing she is passionate about.

Go Somewhere Fun A lot of women relate sex to having fun and being excited. A great way to trigger these emotions is to go on a date that’s full of adventure.

With your date take her someplace where you can focus on passion. Think things like a place to have drinks, do some dancing, and generally cut loose. Remember the more fun she’s having the more she’ll wonder what other kind of fun could be found that night.

Use Kino and Physical Escalation Sex doesn’t instantly happen at the end of the 2nd date. It comes from building excitement through your touch ALL evening. From the moment the date begins you need to ramping up the kino and using your touch to make her attracted to you.

Eventually you’ll kiss her and the pull back; focusing on the fun of the evening. This is a subtle dance where you establish physical intimacy and then pull back. Ultimately this will arouse her and create lots of sexual interest which helps create a feeling of sexual attraction towards you. login
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