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What Do Women Want From Men?

What do women want from men?

This might really be the question of the ages? Many guys have a tough time figuring out the things that women want.

Other guys are able to do quite well with women, because they have either learned or instinctively understand the things that women want from men.

There are many variables to be considered for what women want from men. In this article we are going to discuss the very common and general things that women want. 95% (or more) of women will have positive reactions to these tips. They are a ballpark guide to give a rough understanding of all women. To get more specific you really need to know the exact type of woman you are dealing with and adjust accordingly.

Fortunately there is a solution to that:

What do Women Want from Men?

Many of the guys asking “What do women want from men?” have no idea that there are special attraction switches that can turn women on and even make women love them.

The men who understand this knowledge have extremely high success rate with attracting women . Even these “general tips” can be quite effective in attracting all types of women. (It is just when you combine it with the specific tips it gets… Craaazzzy)

Let’s face it, when a guy says, “What do women want from men?” What is he really saying?

What this guys is really asking is, “How should I act around women.” It is not likely they you are going to give a girl a “Cherry Squishiee” and find out that is what she wanted, “all along.” It is all about knowing what she looks for in men. Many of these are things that -even women- do not always consciously know they are looking for.

Confidence and self-esteem: Let’s face it, this can be a big one for guys. Often a killer one! But women love confident men. That is a dyed-in-the-wool, sure-as-the-sun-rises-in-the-east, FACT!

If you are always slinking into a corner and cowering you are going to find that very few women find you attractive.

What do women want from men? Women want a man that knows who he is and isn’t afraid or ashamed to be that man. Confidence is the sexiest thing on a man. You can ask any woman and she is going to tell you this.

When you walk into a room you need to pay attention to how you walk into the room. Do you shy away into the corner after scooting along the wall trying not to be noticed? If this sounds like you then you need to change your strategy up big time. When you walk into a room you should look around and see who is there, determine what you want out of the situation and then go for it. When you sit down you should take up as much room as possible. Don’t shrink, expand.

You should get in front of a mirror when you are at home and see what you look like. Are you shoulders slumping and your chest caved in? If so you need to put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and then leave your chest in that position as you are walking. This is going to allow you to have a confident posture even if you are not feeling very confident at the time.

Now, let’s be realistic. We can say, “be confident” all day long. You can’t snap your fingers and make it happen. Try some of the above habits. Watch the body language of people who are confident and try to mimic it. Do your best to appear and “feel” more confident.

What will happen is almost funny.

As you fake/mimic/work-on confidence you will achieve a little more success. Every success will build your confidence around women, bringing even MORE success. One day you will wake up, think about what you can do to SEEM more confident and suddenly realize you do not need to “fake” confidence anymore, because you ARE confident.

Analyze your own actions: Now I know you are looking for “do this-do that” answers hear. Life is not always cut and dried. Without following you around, I cannot analyze what YOU are doing wrong with women. But you can do it for yourself with some effectiveness.

You need to pay attention to the reaction that you get from women. If women are not responding positively to you then you need to analyze what you are doing and which behaviors women are having a negative reaction towards.

If women seem disgusted or mad at you from the first moments, you may be coming on too strong, need to work on your hygiene or your approach tactics may be terrible. If she seems fidgety the whole time it may be confidence and lack of “attraction.” That attitude says, “I don’t want to “hurt” you but I am not interested”. Perhaps it all seems to go fine for a bit, and then her eyes glaze-over because you start to bore her. This will usually mean you are just not setting a ‘hook” of interest.

Unclog your ears: As you speak to women you need to pay attention to what they are saying. Conversation involves two people. Try to get her talking and then let her go. This actually fills up a few of the universal want of women.

They want someone to listen to what they say.
They want someone who cares.
They want someone who understands their passions.
Women always want a man that will listen to what they are saying. You can’t just fake listening either because women can tell when you aren’t really listening. Sometimes you may want to repeat something back to her just so that she knows that you were actually listening. This is all about using active listening to attract women.

You can learn a lot about what a woman wants if you just listen to them and see what their reactions are.

Open your eyes and watch her. Now I am not saying to leer or stare at her boobs. You want to watch her to see how she reacts to the different things you say and do.

If a woman is leaning towards you she is interested in what you have to say.
If a woman is sitting on the edge of her seat looking like she is going to dart away at any moment you may want to change the way that the conversation is going.
Arms folded tend to show she is resistant to what you are saying.
Licking or rubbing her lips show attraction.
Now none of these body-language cues are 100%, but they give you a good insight into what she might be thinking and what she might want more (or less) of. They do not account for specific personality types like the Pandora’s Box System does but they can get you a lot closer than most guys simply by being confident and understanding important facets of being attentive.

Now you know a little bit more about what women want. You will be able to use this information to help you attract women and give them what you want. Using a little common sense and simple techniques can help you get the woman of your dreams. That is the answer to your question “What do women want from men?” login
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