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How To Attract Beautiful Women – 6 Secret Tricks for Getting a “10″

Do you wonder how to attract beautiful women?

Attracting a 10 is something that many different men struggle with and wish they knew how to do.

Some men have no idea that there are actually attraction switches that will allow them to get whatever woman they want. The most important to these switches is being able to create sexual tension.

Next you’re going to learn FOUR secrets that can help you attract a quality, top-notch woman that’ll make all your friends green with envy:

Have A High Status Attitude When you walk into a room people should notice you. There should be an aura about you that makes people want to get to know you.

If you knew the rock stars of today before they got famous you would see that they were just the same as they are now. This is how they got to be so successful in their careers. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s all in the attitude?” well this has a great amount of truth.

Use Good Body Language Using strong body language and proper posture is going to help you greatly when you want to know how to attract beautiful women. You should not slump or slouch.

Sometimes guys get the high status attitude mixed up with being careless and slouching but that is not at all what it is about. You should have your shoulders set back and your head up.

Surround Yourself with Women There is an element of social proof involved with getting a 10. Women will look to who you hang out with as evidence of what kind of man you are.

My advice is to cultivate friendships with a number of attractive females. The key here is to remain friends with these women. Don’t go for the instant hook-up. Instead take a long-term approach where these women LIKE you and want to introduce you to their friends.

Be Fun And Interesting When you actually start to talk to women you need to make sure that you have something interesting to tell them. You should talk to them about things that interest them. So make sure that you do not bore them.

You can tell some jokes but make sure that you are not corny or vulgar because this is a big turn off and will send the ladies going the other way.

Be Edgy You ever noticed the kind of man that beautiful women hang out with? Odds are, there is a certain quality about him. Usually a guy has an edgy, trend-setting kind of attitude.

Now this isn’t something you can instantly develop. But take a look at your wardrobe and overall appearance. If you want to get a 10, then you’d better be prepared to do an overall of how women perceive you.

Create Instant Sexual Attraction The final way to land a 10 is to know what sexually attracts her. The truth is beautiful women react certain kind of language pattern which makes them naturally attracted.

Don’t let be misled about what women want. The secret is know to what drives them crazy with desire and then give it to them. login
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